Our Values in Practice

How we live our core values of love, awareness and care.

Below are some of the ways in which we live our core values, what they mean to us and how we put them into practice.

We believe that everything is essentially spiritual and that the cultivation and expansion of our consciousness is key to creating a better life and world for all of us.

We put this into practice through:
– Daily meditation
– Creating space for yoga
– Share inspiration with each other weekly
– Spiritual activities for locals to join
– Growing library of spiritual books
– Inspiration list – articles, videos, books
– Bringing awareness into our everyday life by being present in our actions.

Spiritual teachers who inspire us and influence our lives:
Teal Swan, Eckart Tolle, Yahshua (Jesus) and Miriam (Mary) Magdalene, Lao TzuBuddha,  Paramhansa Yogananda, Mooji, Ram Dass, Allan Watts.

We believe in caring for all life and all beings on this planet which is why veganism is a central part of our values and an integral part of our lifestyle.

In our community we:
– Eat an organic plant-based diet (meaning no dairy, meat or eggs)
– Support local and organic producers
– Do not support unethical industries by avoiding to buy new mass produced items including hygiene products, clothes etc
– We don’t use pesticides or insect/wildlife harming traps on the farm

We’re all about creating closed loop systems where energy and matter don’t go to waste but are fully utilized within the system. Through this we also attempt to do our part in minimizing our need for outside inputs of services and goods.

Some of the ways in which we apply Permaculture:
– Zoning
– No-till farming
– Perennial gardens
– Edible landscapes and food forests
– Compost toilets
– Harvesting rain water
– Solar electricity and heating
– Creating beneficial environments for wildlife

Learn more about Permaculture

All humans and sentient beings have an equal right to live, freedom of choice, self-expression, to be heard and to be treated fairly. 

At Kuna Comuna we affirm that:
– All sentient beings have the right to live a full and healthy life.
– All life should be respected and honored.
– Your gender or sexual orientation should not affect the way you are treated or valued.
– All people should have a say in matters that affect them (that’s why we use Sociocracy for proposal forming and descision making).

Everything is relationships and relational. We relate to all things in our lives: ourselves, each other and our environment.

This is how we make communication a priority:
– We strive to sort out any conflict as they come up in the moment.
– We do daily check-ins/meetings.
– We do weekly heart-sharing – spending time to listen to what goes on inside us.
– We hold regular decision-making meetings.
– We practice NVC (Non Violent Communication) to enhance our capacity for empathic communication. Everyone who comes to stay here gets an introduction in how to use it.
– We also use Sociocracy as a tool for descision making, which is also taught to people who stay in the community.

We are creative beings who are designed to live together. Which is why we wish to co-create this place and our shared experience with everyone staying here.

This is our Co-Creation Ethos:
– Everyone are invited to come with proposals for what to create here.
 – We are open and wish to support people taking own initiatives.
– We share our talents, skills and expertise.
– We learn from each other – “Each one teach one”.
– We encourage team work.
– We continuously work on improving our communication skills.
– We collectively decide what kind of culture we want to have together.
– We take shared responsibility for tasks such as: cleaning, cooking, gardening, (planting, watering, weeding), building and maintenance of the property.
– Our guideline is for each of us to spend 4 hours/day working towards creating a thriving community. Such as through gardening, building, creating a communal business etc (cooking, cleaning and meetings are not included in these 4 hours).

We wish to eat and use natural and organic products and materias to ensure long term health for all of us, the coming generations and other life on this planet.

– Eating a whole foods diet – minimize our intake of processed foods, white flour, sugar, preservatives etc.
 Eating at a lot of raw food.
– Use natural and safe hygiene products (shampoo, soap, cleaning tools, toothpaste, deoderant etc).
 Clean water and air.
– No alcohol or tobacco.
– Abstaining from caffeine.

We are creative beings it is a natural part of who we are and is interwoven in nearly all aspects of our lives
-We have a creativity space/room for expressing ourselfes: instruments, art tools paints, sewing machine etc
– Cultural evening once a week to share with eachother what we wish
– We would like to start an open stage here 
– Create together – music jams and art jams
– Building togehter
-Beautyfying the place
– Bringing it into everyday life in everyday tasks, such as cooking gardening and buidling

Human touch is an important part of being humans we believe! It helps create connections and bond.
We wish to:
– Create a culute of hugging and touching eachother
– Massage trains
– Cuddlepuddles and other formations of hanging out ontop of/ close to eachother
– Allways based on Consent for every unique time

Ahimsa + positive impact
Contribute to well-being
Examples of possible ways to support ourselves:
Growing our own food with possibility to sell surplus
Workshops and courses
Natural handicrafts
Start business which is in line with our values

Feels good human natural
Give us much as we can
Become less dependent on the financial system = more freedom
Free shop
Sharing our knowledge, talents, time
Giving non-physical things such as love, support, kindness

We take time to appreciate and acknowledge every small victory. To feel good and keep our vibration high.
Regular appreciation circles
Choose together how we want to celebrate eg. through dancing, music jamming, toning, gathering by the fire, daytrips etc.

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