Come Stay!

Here you can read more about the community and what to do if you are interested in visiting or coming to live with us.

Who is this community for?

Kuna Comuna is a place for persons who wish to explore authentic living together and are longing to participate, co create and live a holistic and harmonious life together .

What can you learn?

As a member of the community you will receive plenty of opportunities to level up your skills in collaborating and living together with other people, learn about communication, community building, co-creation, and practicing growing our own food etc. Everyone who comes here gets an introduction course in the communication and decision making tools NVC and Sociocracy. These tools help us create connection, be more efficient in meetings where everyone is heard, and helps us find synergies and win win solutions. With each unique combinations of community members living  here there will be unique skill-sharing and and learning opportunities. 


Staying here you will be able to enjoy the following:


Tenerife is a very diverse island with plenty to explore and experience. With car you can reach any location on the island within 1-2hours. Below are some of the things you will find nearby the community.

Apply to live here

If you’re interested in living here and being part of the community