How to Apply

Apply by sending us a 3-5min video on facebook.  We understand that it might feel a bit vulnerable, it’s just a easier way for us to get a feel of who you are and it helps us alot to find a good match. 

Questions for you!

Why do you wish to live in community?
What were you especially drawn to when hearing about our project?
What would you like to contribute with and what are your skills?
Do you have training/practice in NVC, if so how much?

Application Process

1) After you have sent us your 1-3 minute video we will get back to you.
2) Those of you who we are especially interested in living with will be invited for a video call where we get to know eachother personally.
3) All new memebers we invite to live with us for a 1 month test period which can then be extended.