We aspire to create synergies to meet as many needs as possible through community living, communication skills (NVC), self-awareness, meditation, permaculture, and eating a healthy vegan raw and wholefoods diet and to celebrate and enjoy life together.

Values & Lifestyle

Our  core values are awareness, authenticity and empathy, towards ourselves, each other and all life around us, so we can live a life in interdependence. Below are some more of our values.


Knowing who we truly are, being present and making conscious choices, taking responsibility for our own experience.


 Especially Rawfoods. Caring for the animals, ourselves and our planet.


Observing and working in symbiosis with nature.


Honesty and vulnerability in the foundation to create connection and find synergies that meets everyone’s needs.


Creating an encouraging environment to speak honestly and cultivating empathic listening, inspired by NVC.


When we work together we can create more synergies and a more wonderful life for everyone.

Natural Health

Vegan, plenty of Rawfood, organic when possible, also Inlcuding other products used like natural soaps etc


Creating and designing the life we wish for as well as expressing ourselves through music, dancing, painting, building etc.


Because we all need hugs and closeness.


Learn how to live a holistic and harmonious life and share it with others

Learn & Grow

We enjoy sharing our unique gifts and talents and learn from each other.


Reminding ourselves of the wonder of life, to celebrate, appreciate life and embrace playfulness.


We are here to support each other living a healthy holistic high-quality lifestyle. Learning how to, understand ourselves deeply,  cooperate, communicate & connect with each other as well as seeing how we interconnected and interdependent on nature and each other. We aspire to find synergies to meet the needs that are present.


In our community we practice relating to each other in interdependence, where everyone’s needs are valuable and we try to find strategies and synergies that meet all needs. We support authenticity, self-connection, empathic listening and communication, inspired by NVC (non-violent communication). We like to share our gifts and talents with each other to enrich one another’s lives together.

We also wish to contribute to the larger community with workshops and events about  community, connection, communication, well-being, permaculture, spirituality, healthy vegan wholefoods and raw-foods. In person as well as inspiring people through online platforms. 

We grow our own food and start to create eco systems inspired by permaculture.

The story

 Living a self-sustaining life together with others has been a dream for a long time. After visiting living and volunteering in different existing communities, attending courses and spending countless hours vioning and talking about what the ideal way of living would look like, the opportunity arose on Tenerife.

We first came to the island of Tenerife in november 2017 and visited many farms and all fell in love with this one place situated in the valley of La Orotava. With its huge avocado trees, many orange trees and other fruit trees along with amazing views of the sea, the surrounding mountains and the volcano Teide.

The farm is ideally located on the northern part of Tenerife, with temperatures ranging from around 15-20 °C during the winter season and around 25-27 °C in the summers. The climate allows us to grow fruits herbs and vegetables all year round, and makes it easy to be self-sufficient with solar energy. The northern part of the island is also blessed with fairly consistent rainfall making it suitable for growing a wide variety of plants.

Who is living here?


Linda - Co-Founder

Linda is deeply passionate about living holistically and in Unity with others to co-create the world we want to live in. She has background in NVC (nonviolent communication), social permaculture, community building, and is into presence and non-duality. She seeks to be authentic, present, kind and respectful to the living beings around her and always interested in finding solutions and synergies that work for everyone involved. 


Adam enjoyes sharing his understanding of life that lead to a more liberating life of joy and love. He gives lectures, does coaching and shares Videos and Articles, his intention with this guidance is to give others more perspectives and self-contact. He helps people see themselves on their inner & outer journey, understand more nuances of life and move forward in their unique direction.


Miia is a singer, and a guide for deep inner and outer healing.
She guides people back toward connection to self, where profound healing takes place, all physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

She uses her voice to channel shamanic melodies that allow us to feel what needs healing within ourselves and to release what is no longer needed.

She combines this with emotional healing and physical self-care, as the passionate raw foodist that she is!


Ram is an intuitive life coach, since 2016 he been holding space for workshops, spiritual events and retreats that changed the life of many people.
After studying business information technology and working for the United Nations in Switzerland he decided to follow the path of the heart and share what he learned in the last 10 years in Ananda Marga as a yoga and meditation instructor, as well as emotional healing and shadow work.

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