Let's Co-Create!

Kuna Comuna is an ever evolving community aiming to become a blueprint as well as a hotspot and hub for inner development and practicing a holistic healthy lifestyle. We focus on non-violent communication, community building, meditation, permaculture, and vegan raw-food

Connecting with Nature

Realising experientially that we are in an interdependent relationship with everything, observing and connecting with the cycles, watching nature grow and seeing the abundance all around us.


We support each other by seeing the gifts and talents we have individually and collectively and how we can contribute and enrich each others lives as well as to the world. 


Community and belonging are important needs for us as human beings. Living together, sharing daily life and having a common vision to collaborate and co-create our lives is a way creating community and connection.


 We listen empathically and express honestly our feelings and needs. We practice relating to each other in interdependence, looking for strategies and synergies that meet the needs of all parts. Through curiosity and the willingness to understand ourselves and each other we experience a higher quality of connection. We are inspired by non-violent communication and self-awareness.

Raw Vegan!

We love supporting each other in what we see as the healthiest diet for us as well as contributing to the well being of our planet and animals.

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Our Values

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