Welcome to Kuna

Community life – Personal growth – Permaculture 

Now looking for co-creators who want to live the change we wish to see in the world!

Freedom & Togetherness

Having the combination of individuality and autonomy as well as community with a shared vision, collaboration, co-creation and co-existance together. 

Shared Values

Having shared values, vision and intention creates a supportive inspiring social environment and the fertile soil of co-creating the world we long for!


 We value authentic empathic communication. Expressing honestly and sharing our feelings and needs. We practice relating to each other in interdependence, looking for strategies and synergies that meet the needs of all parts. Through curiosity and the willingness to understand ourselves and each other we experience a higher quality of connection, and possibilities to meet needs. We are inspired by non-violent communication and self-awareness.


Designing and co-creating lifesupporting systems together with humans and  nature, in a symbiotic relationship to benifit all parts. 


If you are curious to visit you can check out our upcoming events here at Kuna Comuna

Rural & Urban!

Having nature just outside the doorstep and at the same time close to the towns Puerto de la Cruz and Orotava with multiple beaches, cafés, supermarkets, farmacys, bank etc.  


Curious about what it looks like here?